Love Letters To The Church

LOVE LETTERS TO THE CHURCH These are the notes and resources we have been using in our study of the epistles of John and the Gospel of John. I have place a link to each week as a PDF file so you may download them and study at your leisure. Also if you like to […]

Holy Spirit

Nine Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Thank You for joining us at GLFC. This is the last message of the series The Ways and Workings of the Holy Spirit that Pastor Darrell has been teaching over the last 8 weeks. Couldn’t make it this morning? No worries, just head on over to our Facebook page and catch us LIVE! Oh, and let us […]


I Was Held Captive Until the Ransom Was Paid

I want to tell you the story about the time in my life when I was held captive and was forced to be a slave and had to have someone pay a huge ransom for me in order to secure my freedom. During my time of imprisonment, I was beaten, and made to feel as if I would never be in a position of freedom again. I was lied to constantly about who loved me and who would help me.

Balancing Grace and Faith

Grace and faith work together but they must be in balance. How do I receive the blessings of God in my life? This is a common question I hear a lot. When people are saying this to me and others normally the next statement is, “I have been reading my Bible, and I’ve been going […]