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Fourth of July Event

Let's have a seafood party with our Grace Life Family. The seafood boil we are going to have is the best of the best. Tender lobster, shrimp, crab, tons of veggies and a delicious creole garlic seasoning, my mouth is watering.

Also bring your favorite board game or yard game, and let's gather at Pastor James and Jacinthe's home around 11:00 and be sure to sign the what your bringing in the comments section on our Church FaceBook page

Pastor Darrell & Pastor James are going to get everything cooking in the pot and it is sure to be sooooo good!

The Conversation between Pastor Darrell (PD) and Pastor James (PJ)

PD:Say, pastor James  / PJ: Yeah, pastor / pd- hand me that creole seasoning and let's see, hand me some of that cayenne pepper, oh and I think it could use a little more... /pj- pastor, am I gonna have to put the seasoning in BO's room?...........Pd- Ummmmm, well maybe just hand me a little salt then........hey is that a flying squirrel over there? ............... pj- Step away from the hot sauce


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