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Hello, Pastor James & Jacinthe here and we have a message for you!

We want to invite you to experience Grace City Youth, because we know it can change your life and help you have a relationship with Jesus like never before. We meet each Sunday morning at 9:30am in the GCY room design just for you. Not only will you get a chance to hear some great stuff about God from yours truly but we have all kinds of things for you to do before and after the meeting like, play Air Hockey on our full size table or play some game on one of our game consoles or maybe some Foosball, enjoy a snack and something to drink, you are gonna have a good time I guarantee it.

I grew up in church and had some amazing experiences, touches, and manifestations in God. As I look and reflect back, there were some particular years that developed my character, my belief, and my desire to serve God. Those years were my teen years. As teens we are very impressionable and are looking for what is real.

I deal with teens everyday who are lost and searching for something. They may not even know what they’re searching for. I see pressure from their friends to act and be a certain way. I see them molding into what they have going on around them.
Teenagers are highly impressionable. When I was a teen, I felt direction in my life. I felt strength. I felt like a leader and not a follower. This is all because I had an awesome youth group and youth pastor. I experienced true leadership.

I experienced God!

I saw gifts of the Spirit in operation, I saw teens being healed and filled with the Holy Ghost. I saw teens coming to Jesus and learning how not to cave into the peer pressure but spreading the love of God to other teens. I experienced, when the presence of God was so strong, that everyone in the room just started weeping.
I experienced God!!

I saw miracles and felt impartation into my life. I believe we serve a God that’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. I believe that it’s not too late for our teens to have a real touch of heaven.
With everything that’s going on in this world today it seems as if the enemy is gaining ground. But I’m going to tell you, just one touch of God and it can still change a generation today. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want any of our teens or the teens in our community to be left behind. This is the time to reach them and I believe God has something in store. God is up to something and it’s good.

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