Children’s Pastor Jacinthe Hopson

Meet Our Children's Pastor Jacinthe Hopson


Meet Our Children's Pastor: Jacinthe Hopson

Pastor Jacinthe Hopson serves as the Children's Pastor at Grace Life Family Church. Renowned for her enthusiastic spirit and exceptional ability to make every child feel cherished, Pastor Jacinthe ensures that each child knows they are loved by her and, most importantly, by God.

Pastor Jacinthe possesses a profound vision for the children at GLFC. She is currently developing her own curriculum, complete with illustrations and videos, to connect with young hearts through timeless Bible stories.

Her mission is to teach the love of Father God, the security we have in Jesus, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Each week, Pastor Jacinthe and her team takes there classes on an engaging journey through various biblical illustrations. These lessons draw from the writings of Matthew, John, and the Apostle Paul, as well as from the Hebrew scriptures, including the stories of King David and the prophets of old.

Central to her teachings is always bringing the Lord Jesus to the forefront, demonstrating the unconditional love and grace of God in our daily lives.

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