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His Great Blessing – Holy Communion

His great blessings to be received - The blessing of health and wholeness.

Health and WholenessWhen I became a Pastor I was so excited because I knew that one of the things I would get to do was to minister Holy Communion. And the reason I was so excited is because when ministering Holy Communion, God has the opportunity to reveal His loving heart expressed in the Lord's Supper. For so long in many churches God's precious family took communion with fear in their heart and a deep misunderstanding about this wonderful time of real communion with our loving Father.

Some Christians wondered if they could partake when they were not water baptized, others thought they needed to attend classes and some felt they had to be meet a certain standard of self-righteousness before they had the right to receive.

Of course all of these things and many other ideas were derived from a misinterpretation of key verses on the subject. And because of those types of things is the reason I get so excited each time I have the honor of ministering the Lord's Supper to others - because I get to express what I have discovered, that God ordained the Holy Communion not as a ritual to be observed but one of His great blessings to be received - the blessing of health and wholeness.

When we hold the bread in our hands, we are coming in touch with the greatest expression of the love of God. This love He has for us, made Him endure the stripes on His back, giving His body to be beaten, bruised and broken so our body can be whole.

That's why when we partake of the Lord's Supper, we celebrate and we release our faith to receive His health in our bodies and to receive wholeness in exchange for the sickness and diseases that want to usurp authority over us, God's very own sons and daughters.

When we drink the juice we are reminded that the precious blood of the sinless Son of God didn't just bring our forgiveness but that it made us forever righteous, forever holy and blameless. And that is why today you and I can have perfect standing before the Father, that's why His ears are open to not only hear but to be attentive to our softest sigh and lowest moan.

This is why I so love to minister Holy Communion to people - to watch God open His heart to them and watch them open their heart to Him, to stir up the faith to receive the blessings of health and wholeness through the body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Join us each 1st Sunday of the month at Grace Life as we receive this blessing as we take the Lord's Supper together. If you are eligible to hear the Good News of Jesus then you are eligible to receive communion with us.

Pastor Darrell

Reference book: Health and Wholeness through the Holy Communion - Joseph Prince

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