Mission Ica, Peru 2023

Mission Inca Peru 2023 Update

I want to give a quick update concerning the mission trip to Ica, Peru, if you would like to see more photos and videos and information please see our Missions Group on FaceBook. We have already experienced some wonderful things. On the first night we ministered to a group of around 350 young people high school and college age and of course adults.

Some of the youth group of a local church we are working with presented a drama and then I preached and about 150 or more responded to the invitation to receive the gift of salvation, the funny thing is I did not know I was going to speak until I walked in and was advised, oh Pastor Darrell, after the drama is finished you speak in about 5 min.

We have been going into the streets and public and Christian schools and open markets witnessing and praying for the sick and other needs of the people and handing out the information for the night services.

The night services have been fantastic, the Church we are working with has an awesome Pastor with a real heart for the things of God. The music ministry is powerful and full of energy, each night one of the team members brings a message and one of the other team gives a personal testimony of the work of God in their life.

The response to the ministry has been well received each night many people have received the gift of salvation and many have been healed, one man was in a wheelchair and after prayer and the laying on of hands by the team he began to walk on his own, there have been many other healings as well everything from cancer being healed to stiff shoulders that could not be raised and are now loosed, marriages restored.

One woman came up for prayer who had never been to the church but had responded to the invitation to come she had a lot of unforgiveness and hate towards her husband, she was ministered to and released that unforgiveness and hate and was put in touch with one of the counselors of the church and is being helped even more, after prayer the tears flowed down her face and she just glowed with a fresh start.

We have one more day and night of ministry left before we return back to the states, I'm looking forward to being back at GLFC with the family.

Once again Donnia and I are so thankful for all the love and support that you have given us without your prayers and support the work and the vision God has given us would not be possible.

We are a church that fulfills the great commission to go Across the Aisle Across the Street and Across the World bring the Good News of the Gospel of Grace and each one of you are a big part of that.

Thank you GLFC and we will see you soon!!
Pastors Darrell & Donnia

P.S. I finally got my suitcase back and all is well...



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