Welcome to Grace Life Family Church

We Minister Grace to the Hearer


Pastors Darrell & Donnia

At Grace Life, we believe we are God’s beloved and He demonstrated this by freely and unconditionally giving up heaven’s best, His only begotten Son Jesus Christ for us. No matter who you are, where you are from, what you have been through, what you have done, there’s a place for you in God's kingdom. Our doors are always open completely to anyone who wants to have a personal relationship with God and His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The message of the unconditional love and forgiveness of God is so needed in the days we live in. His unconditional forgiveness comes without condemnation and guilt and is offered to anyone who will accept it. We cannot earn or do enough good things to get God to love us more than He already does. He loves you right now, today, this moment the way you are and not the way you think you should be someday.

Grace Life Family Church is a church that says, “Welcome”, regardless of your background or your present life situations.  Things like color, creed, or lifestyle do not disqualify you from the Love of God and His great mercy and kindness. We at GLFC welcome you to a safe place that won’t condemn you or try to guilt you into a relationship with Jesus Christ or use scare tactics to get you to follow Him.You Belong Here

We believe when you hear about the great love the Father has for you and the awesome price Jesus paid to redeem you, then you will want to follow Him and live a life that you will enjoy in the presence of God. So what kind of Church is Grace Life Family Church? It’s the kind of Church that teaches God’s grace is the same every day and He has forgiven your sins: Past, Present and Future.
We say “Welcome” if you have been hurt or beat up by religion or if you have been told all your life you’re not good enough or if you think God couldn’t love you or have a place for you to fulfill His plans for you because of a bad past or a divorce or any of a thousand things, then we have Good News for you, you have found a place where you can God can use you and fulfill His plans with you.The only real way to get to know us is to come and visit, and see and experience for yourself just how awesome God is and just how much He loves you and wants you. We look forward to seeing you and hearing your story and growing together in the grace of God.